Bryn Pratt-Boyden is a Fashion, textile and costume designer/maker living in London. His work is very experimental but sustainable and ethical at the same time. Using a vast array of fabrics, from vintage Japanese denim scraps, to fish skin leather, he sustainable produces on his narrowboat in London, he makes interesting yet wearable clothing. 

His textiles are all eco friendly, such as patchwork from old scraps of fabric, knitting with sustainable and fair trade yarns, natural dyeing without the use of chemicals, and producing fish skin leather using skins from fishmongers, which would otherwise be chucked away. 

Working in theatre for an eclectic mix of drag acts, to opera to pantomime, he can adapt to any client or projects needs.

Bryn Pratt-Boyden


Contact for bespoke projects, collaboration, freelance costume/fashion/textiles design work or all other enquiries.